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 Lisa Bentley BSc (open), Dip. Hyp. CS is a British Author, Life Coach and Creative who is passionate about good mental health and wellbeing in children and adults.  As a child, Lisa loved reading, writing poetry and arts & crafts.  She was a big Blue Peter and Pam Ayres fan.  As an adult, Lisa loves listening to audio books, writing, art and digital creativity. She is still a Pam Ayres fan.


It was back in 2006, when Lisa's eldest son, who was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, came home from primary school one day and burst into tears about the way he looked, she knew she had to do something to help him.  After staying up all night brainstorming how she might help him, her first children's picture book, 'Mindy Nose' Best, was born.  Her other children's picture book, 'Don't Judge That Sludge!' was published in January 2023 and her next children's picture book will be available Autumn 2024.

In her teens, Lisa struggled with anxiety and low self esteem and it was when, in 2006, her husband died tragically in a motorbike accident, that Lisa changed course on her Psychology degree to include what she loves to do most: write.

She hasn't stopped since and her self-help book, 'The Art Of Living', which is a poetic journey to aid recovery from compulsive eating, was released October 2022. She is currently working on her memoir.

Lisa is a qualified Hypnotherapist with Counselling Skills, Stress Consultant and has a BSc (open) in Psychology and Creative Writing.  She is an eternal student and has undertaken numerous courses including a NCFE Cache Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Children and Young People's Mental Health, Mindfulness, Mindful Nutrition, Advanced Counselling and Natural Health Practice Management.  Lisa is also a Health Facilitator and Champion for her local authority and, when she isn't working, helping others and spending time with her grown up children, her days are best spent writing, illustrating and drinking herbal tea.

All of Lisa’s books, products and services support and promote her vision: to make the world inside of each and every one of us a beautiful place to live.

You can find more information about Lisa's books by visiting the following link:



Thank you for your support.

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