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A quirky picture book with a great friendship hook, teaching children - and reminding adults - the importance of not judging others.

'DON'T JUDGE THAT SLUDGE! is sure to make us all become kinder human beings.'

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'I think these books should be in schools across the county of Kent and beyond.' Pat Marsh, BBC Radio Kent


'An entertaining and heart-warming story to raise a child's self-esteem.'

Lisa The Author

Lisa Bentley is a lover of words and once read the dictionary for fun. She writes children's picture books, poetry, self-help and designs poetic bespoke greeting cards. Her children's picture books, 'Mindy Nose Best' and 'Don't Judge That Sludge!' are available on Amazon and other retail outlets.



If you would like a signed copy of any of Lisa's books or journals, arrange an author visit, workshop or speaking engagement, please email Lisa direct at

Lisa is privileged to have been a contributory author in Amazon No.1 Best Selling Book, The Stories of Truth and Triumph Series 2.

This book is available on Amazon.

Journals and Notebooks are a therapeutic tool and Lisa has created

several. Available now on Amazon. Please contact email her at if you would like to

learn how to create your own.

Lisa is currently working on her next children's picture book,

 as well as her memoir. 

All of Lisa’s books support and promote her vision: to make the world inside of each and every one of us a beautiful place to live.

You can find more information and purchase any of Lisa’s books and journals by clicking on the Amazon link below: 

Thank you for your support.

***** Reviews

'This book really helped my friend’s daughter feel better about herself and her small issues that cropped up since starting school.' M Stephenson

'Amazing picture book with a great message. My kids loved it. Excellent illustrations. Highly recommended.' Mir Kamran Ali

'This is a lovely book. Beautifully illustrated and flows so well. It’s a lovely story while effectively subtly delivering an important message. I put it in my little boys school book bag for the school to have a look at. The teacher read it to the class several times and the kids loved it. The teacher used it to facilitate discussions in the class about differences, diversity and inclusion. I’m sure the author would be delighted to see it used in such a way.' ToriMac

'This is an incredible book with beautiful illustrations and such a powerful message. It will help so many children (as well as adults) to see that being different is a strength and not a weakness. No matter what you do in life there is always someone who loves you for who you are. Individually you always. I highly recommend this exceptionally, inspiring book. Thank you Lisa Bentley for bringing this story out for the world to share.' Tracey

'This book really helped my friend’s daughter feel better about herself and her small issues that cropped up since starting school.' Mrs M Marnham

'A precious rhyming story which the teachers and pupils really enjoyed reading.' Hass

'Hi Lisa, Just wanted to say thank you for giving us authorisation to use your books to create a version for deaf children.  The current video is unlisted on youtube but you should be able to see it using this link':

Cued Speech UK

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